Anneke and Roel, the passionate founders of Astonic E-Fatbikes, proudly stand beside their creations in the Netherlands.

Bigger than the average E-Bike, sleeker than a Fatbike.
Love at first ride. ASTONIC.


About Astonic

Astonic, mobility for everyone!

At Astonic, inspired by the word 'astonish', we aim to surprise you. We not only bring handcrafted, top-quality E-Rides from the Netherlands, but we also excel in service, expertise, and customer friendliness.

At Astonic, we believe that every ride is unique, just like our customers. We understand that every cyclist has their own specific desires and needs. That's why we commit to creating a custom E-Ride for every unique customer. Our E-Rides are not just bikes; with customization, we get everyone back on the bike!

Looking for the best electric Ride? At Astonic, you've come to the right place. We are ready to share all the details about our E-Rides with you. Do you have specific questions or wishes? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Astonic: Where your ride becomes your journey!


Air suspended front fork


All aluminum frame (6060 t6 quality)


Shimano and Bafang drivetrain parts


Hydraulic disc brakes


Wide tires (4 inch) provide comfort and perfect handling


48 volt Bafang motor



mile range


different models


miles per hour

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“Wild. Free. Astonic!”


Discover Our Dutch Handcrafted Electric Bikes

Discover Astonic's E-Rides: the powerful electric bike with robust tires. The popularity of our e-rides has surged recently. Are you considering purchasing an electric ride and do you value quality and service? Then look no further than Astonic! Our dedication to manually producing and assembling electric mobility solutions makes us the ultimate source for advice and expertise for your e-ride purchase.

Handcrafted E-Bikes in the Netherlands: Discover Our Unique Production in Spijk, Next to Gorinchem.

What is a E-Ride?

An E-ride is an electric bike that, in terms of legislation, falls entirely under the E-bike category. Astonic is the only brand that develops E-Rides, drawing inspiration from various mobility disciplines. We have looked at the ergonomics of racing bikes but also drawn inspiration from mountain bikes and even cargo bikes, packaging the best of all worlds into our E-rides, E-Fatbikes, and E-Bikes, which have already made many Dutch people switch from the car to an Astonic!

Our rides can be equipped with different types of rims and tires, offering excellent stability and making them perfect for adventurous rides on various terrains. From unpredictable terrain like snow, sand to mud, the robust E-Rides overcome every obstacle and effortlessly take you off the beaten path. The thickness and diameter of the rims of your e-ride are completely tailored to your personal preference and use.

Tweepersoons E-Fatbike voor dubbel plezier!
E-rides, E-Bikes, and E-Fatbikes and the difference in quality

The quality of an Astonic E-ride is extremely high, with a focus throughout the entire production process on quality, durability, and the replaceability of parts in case of breakage. An E-ride from Astonic is built to be used as a means of transportation and, besides high quality, offers the possibility to leave your car behind!

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E-rides for Two People: Comfortable and Safe Riding Together, or even with Three!

Our E-ride models are designed for comfortably transporting two people. At Astonic, we offer electric rides that effortlessly accommodate two children. Additionally, it is possible for two adults to use the ride, with even space to bring a child in front. With a ride from Astonic, you are assured of comfortable biking for two, and our options for child seats ensure that rides with children are safe and enjoyable. For inspiration, we have taken the cargo bike model and transformed it into a more functional and manageable model, offering more comfort and usability. More beautiful than longtail bikes, more practical than cargo bikes, and without compromising on comfort and luxury! An E-Ride from Astonic, guaranteed fun for two, or three people!

Tweepersoons E-Fatbike voor dubbel plezier!
How much does a E-Ride cost?

The costs of our E-rides vary by model. Our most affordable model starts at €2,999.

If you plan to take a passenger, it is advisable to consider an E-ride with two seats, such as our Astonic Earth Extended, comparable to a longtail bike but also suitable for two adults.

Moreover, the range is an important consideration. Every Astonic E-ride comes standard with a 16Ah battery, which already offers a quite good range. For those planning longer rides, we recommend upgrading to a 20Ah battery for your E-ride.

For more detailed information about models and prices, we invite you to visit our webshop.

The Electric Ride from Astonic? Fully handcrafted!
The aluminum frames of all our E-rides are entirely handcrafted in the Netherlands, after which the frames, once they have been colored, are again fully hand-assembled with carefully selected components. Together with our service and customer contact, we thus guarantee the best E-rides, sustainable mobility solutions tailored to everyone's personal wishes!
What's the difference compared to an E-Bike or E-Fatbike?
We make no compromises on quality, user-friendliness, and comfort. This is a major difference compared to the regular E-Fatbike producers who target a broader market with varying quality levels. Our base model E-Rides are all of exceptional quality, after which we have numerous options to customize the model and possibly equip it with even higher quality components. This is the essence of E-Rides: Quality, Dutch craftsmanship, durability, service, and customer contact, all bundled into the perfect experience! And of course, fully produced according to EU standards!
What are the advantages?

An E-Ride offers several advantages. Our E-ride, equipped with a lightweight aluminum frame, is easy to transport on a bike carrier at the back of your car. The powerful rear hub motor reduces fatigue during your rides.

Increased Comfort: The slightly wider tires provide extra cushioning, together with the suspension fork, leading to an extremely comfortable biking experience.

Improved Stability: The larger contact surface of the tires offers significantly more stability, thereby minimizing the risk of falling.

More Flexibility: Thanks to our thoughtful designs with a focus on ergonomics, our models are extremely flexible. This makes them a safe companion on endless journeys.

Cool Electric Bike: Our E-ride is not just functional but also a striking and cool electric bike that draws attention.

What is the E-ride like?

For many, the first encounter with an E-ride is an exciting experience, often accompanied by a hint of uncertainty about what to expect. However, an E-ride from Astonic turns out to be surprisingly enjoyable and exceptionally comfortable to ride, and that's due to the following aspects of these electric rides:

Extra Comfort: The first thing you notice when you sit on an Astonic is the extra cushioning provided by the suspension fork. This feature creates a resilient feel, making riding over rough terrain particularly pleasant. Some E-ride models offer the option of a suspension seat post or an extra-wide saddle, further enhancing comfort. The attractive appearance of the Astonic makes people not dread doing errands by bike, but instead look forward to it, and in many cases, even leave their car behind in favor of Astonic's E-Ride.

Start Assistance: Despite the lightweight aluminum frame, our E-Rides weigh a bit more due to the electric components. For those who are physically declining, we have the 'start assistance' button. With this, the motor can accelerate you to 6 km/h from a standstill. This option makes our E-rides easily drivable by the elderly or people with physical limitations for whom making the first rotation has become too heavy.

Invincible Feeling: The often slightly wider tires absorb shocks from bumps, making riding over soft grounds like mud, sand, and snow no problem at all. You will no longer hesitate on unstable terrains but confidently tackle every type of terrain, without fear of falling off the bike. It's this invincible feeling that makes riding an E-ride so fun and always puts a smile on your face.

More Traction and Stability: An E-ride makes even seemingly impossible climbs possible. The electric motor boosts your pedaling effort, making even steep inclines accessible. With your feet close to the ground, you can easily maneuver and forget the hassle of mounting and dismounting on unstable surfaces. This results in excellent stability and safety, ensuring you'll undoubtedly appreciate every ride on your E-ride.


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