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About Astonic

The name Astonic is derived from astonish or to amaze and this is exactly what we strive for. Not only do we amaze you with our top quality electric bicycles with fat tires, but also with our high level of service, knowledge and customer friendliness. We're here to convince you that our Astonic e-fatbike is made for you. Do you have questions or special wishes? Feel free to contact us!


Air suspended front fork


All aluminum frame (6060 t6 quality)


Shimano and Bafang drivetrain parts


Hydraulic disc brakes


Wide tires (4 inch) provide comfort and perfect handling


48 volt Bafang motor



mile range


different models


miles per hour

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E Fatbike ASTONIC 60 (187)

“Wild. Free. Astonic!”

Fatbike facts

Tough electric bikes with fat tires

Electric fatbikes are everywhere nowadays. Are you considering buying a fatbike? Astonic has the perfect bike for you! Because we develop and assemble our electric fatbikes ourselves, there is no one who can inform you better than we can.

Tough electric bikes with fat tires

Electric fatbikes are everywhere nowadays. Are you considering buying a fatbike? Astonic has the perfect bike for you! Because we develop and assemble our electric fatbikes ourselves, there is no one who can inform you better than we can.

What is a fatbike?

An e-fatbike is an electric bicycle with fat tires. This type of bicycle with wide tires has better road handling and is ideal for riding on various surfaces. Unstable terrains such as snow, sand or mud pose no problem for these sturdy fat bikes, they effortlessly take you off the beaten track. In these unstable environments, having fat tires on your electric bicycle is a must and you can easily traverse any terrain.

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E-Fatbike is it legal?

Yes, an E-Fatbike is legal to ride on public roads. In fact, it's just an E-bike with fat tires and a tougher jacket. As long as you have a motor with a maximum of 250 watts of power, a maximum speed of 25 km per hour, you will be fully insured on your low-cost E-Fatbike! Do not place a throttle on your E-Fatbike because it turns your fatbike into a motorized vehicle and then your E-Fatbike is no longer allowed on public roads. Please note: a fat bike may have a maximum of 250 watts of power and may not drive faster than 25 km per hour when used on public roads!

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Can i ride a fatbike with two persons?

Yes, many of our fatbike models can be ridden with two or more people. We have electric fatbikes that you can get on with two children. Or get on the fatbike with two adults, there is even room to take a child on the front. With a fatbike from Astonic you can be sure that you can ride with comfort with two people on the fatbike and also the rides with the children are completely safe by the options to place child seats on your fatbike.

Tweepersoons E-Fatbike voor dubbel plezier!
How much does a fatbike cost?

Our cheapest model costs €2740.

If you like to take a passenger with you, you will need a two-seat fatbike such as our Astonic Extended.

Also, the range plays a big role. Every Astonic fatbike is equipped with a 17.5Ah battery as standard. The range this battery gives you, is already pretty good. If you plan on taking longer trips, we recommend an upgrade to a 20Ah battery.

Of course, more details and prices can be found in our web shop.

What is the difference in quality between different Fatbike brands?
The quality difference between various brands of fatbikes is huge. Just like a normal e-bike, there are A-, B- and C-brands. The better brands are around the same price as the better e-bike brands. This is inevitable because the costs of high-quality parts determine the sales price and the lifespan of the fatbike.
What exactly is an electric fatbike?

A fat bike with electric assistance is also called an electric fat bike or e-fatbike. Basically, a fat bike is an off-road bike made to ride unstable surfaces. You can easily recognize a fat bike by its wide tires and its tough, sturdy frame.

What are the advantages?

An electric fat bike has several advantages over a normal bicycle. For example, our fat bike with its lightweight aluminum frame is easy to carry on the bike carrier of your car. In addition, you do not have to wear a helmet on a fat bike and it is no problem to ride in bad weather conditions. The wide tires provide better protection against damage and obstacles are not really an obstacle, so you get tired less quickly. Because you’re not bothered by other traffic, the fat bike is the ideal vehicle for an exciting cycling adventure.

What is the ride like?

A fat bike has good road handling because of its wide tires and is easy to use on multiple roads. Do you want to stay in shape? With a fat bike it’s a fun challenge to train your endurance. The bike ensures your body is in a perfect position, so that you are less likely to experience physical complaints. It’s no problem at all to take a bag with you for extra luggage. The wide tires have an excellent grip on the road and prevent you from bouncing back and forth.

In addition to the fat tires, our fat bikes are equipped with a powerful electric motor that offers a completely different riding experience. The extra boost the engine provides, coupled with the extra power when accelerating, ensure that you get a feeling of riding a motorcycle.

In addition to these advantages, a fat bike is just a very cool electric bicycle that lets you turn heads with the fat tires. If you want to buy an electric fat bike or if you have any questions, you’ve come to the right place here at Astonic. We develop and assemble our electric fatbikes ourselves and can answer all your questions. Astonic is the right choice for anyone who wants to buy a Dutch e-fatbike.


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