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Business Benefits with Astonic: Premium E-Bikes for Your Team

In a world where sustainability and brand experience are becoming increasingly important, Astonic offers a unique opportunity for your business. Discover how our handcrafted, premium E-bikes not only encourage your staff in their commute but also serve as a powerful marketing tool.

Sustainable Mobility, Satisfied Team Increased Productivity

Start the workday with energy. Our E-bikes offer a fresh and relaxed alternative to the daily commute. Less traffic congestion, less stress.

Sustainable Choice: Contribute to a greener planet. Astonic E-bikes are not just a step forward in mobility but also strengthen your company image as a leader in sustainability.

Employee Wellbeing: Show appreciation for your team by investing in their health and wellbeing. A daily ride on an E-bike can contribute to better physical fitness and mental well-being.

We offer various options for acquiring our E-Rides for business purposes.

Marketing on the Move Strengthen Your Brand

Personalize your E-bikes with the company logo and colors. Our handcrafted, custom-made E-bikes serve as moving billboards, promoting your brand wherever they go.

Unique Story: Show that your company stands for innovation, quality, and sustainability. A partnership with Astonic tells a story that attracts and inspires customers and partners.

Network on Wheels: Use the E-bikes for business meetings, events, or team building. They are not only practical but also a conversation starter that draws attention and expands your network.

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Invest Smart, Ride Smarter

Whether you're leading a small business or at the helm of a large corporation, Astonic E-bikes represent a smart investment for both your mobility and marketing.

Start Today: Contact our team to discuss the possibilities. Together, we'll create a package that suits your needs and budget, with flexible financing options and service plans to make your riding experience hassle-free.

Astonic – Where sustainability, innovation, and style converge. For you, your team, and your brand. Discover the difference an Astonic E-bike can make.

Send us a message or call us for more information. We would be delighted to advise you on the best possible option for your business.


Astonic x zakelijk

Een Astonic E-bike zakelijk inzetten om je bedrijf op te laten vallen? Natuurlijk! Denk bijvoorbeeld aan maaltijdbezorging in stijl, het te huur aanbieden van onze E-bikes of het uit de auto houden van je medewerkers.

Wij bieden de mogelijkheid een Astonic E-bike zakelijk aan te schaffen of te leasen, met of zonder onderhoud.

Vul het contactformulier in of bel ons voor meer informatie. Wij adviseren je graag over de best passende mogelijkheid voor je bedrijf.

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