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Test Ride and personal advice at Astonic

At Astonic, the customer always comes first, which is why we warmly invite you for a unique test ride and a delicious cup of coffee at our countryside workshop. This idyllic location is perfect for trying out our handmade E-Rides. For every product, we have a test model ready in all available colors. We take all the time to provide you with comprehensive advice, all our bikes fully comply with Dutch laws and regulations for E-Bikes, making it safe for you to participate in traffic with an Astonic!

A test ride at Astonic is a special experience, unlike what you might be used to. Feel free to schedule two hours for this experience. Along the way, you'll get an exclusive tour of our workshop where we manufacture all our bikes entirely by hand. Enjoy the surroundings that elevate your experience to a higher level.

Een persoon genietend van een tocht op een Astonic E-Ride door een schilderachtig landschap, symbool voor kwaliteit, innovatie en persoonlijke beleving

Personal advice

Astonic waar alles draait om een unieke beleving

Easily accessible from the highway

Bedrijfsvoering met sociale impact

Assured of quality, extensive service, and warranty!

De mooiste proefrit van je leven boek je bij Astonic, samne met hun uitgebreide service en contact is dit de beste aankoop die je kan maken
Are there other locations for a test drive?

Is our Astonic showroom too far away for you? You can test our bikes at one of our dealers! You can plan the test drive yourself. You can find our dealers here.

Will I be forced to buy a bike after testing it?

Not at all! Thorough comparison is important in making the right choice. We are happy to advise you so that you can make a well-informed decision, without feeling pressure.

How long does a test drive on an Astonic fatbike take?

At Astonic, the test ride on a fatbike is not the proverbial "round the block". It is important to really experience the Astonic feeling. In addition, we want you to have decent time to switch gears, to drive up a hill and to simply enjoy the Astonic experience. Usually a test drive takes about 20 minutes per model and the total appointment is arround 2 hours.

But I want to test the bike a little more thorougly!

If you really want to cruise for a few hours on an Astonic fatbike in order to make a decision, we will be happy to point you to a rental location. If you purchase a fat bike from us after renting it, we will deduct the paid rental amount (of one bicycle) from your purchase price.

Do I have to pay for the test drive?

No, taking a test drive is free of course!

If you go for an hour-long test drive (via a rental location), their prices will of course apply.

While testing the bike, am I insured?

All E-Rides from Astonic are fully compliant with e-bike regulations, so you are covered by your own liability insurance during your ride!

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