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Experience the 'Astonic feeling'

You're very welcome to visit us in Spijk! We have a wide range of models available for you to test. Our workshop is situated near the beautiful river De Linge. The environment is perfectly suited for a relaxing test drive.

Of course, we will also take time to advise you on legislation, on tips and tricks and every other aspect about the bikes.

Send us a message (see below) and we will contact you as soon as possible. Even a test drive at your home is possible!

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Are there other locations for a test drive?

Is our Astonic showroom too far away for you? You can test our bikes at one of our dealers! You can plan the test drive yourself. You can find our dealers here.

Will I be forced to buy a bike after testing it?

Not at all! Thorough comparison is important in making the right choice. We are happy to advise you so that you can make a well-informed decision, without feeling pressure.

How long does a test drive on an Astonic fatbike take?

At Astonic, the test ride on a fatbike is not the proverbial "round the block". It is important to really experience the Astonic feeling. In addition, we want you to have decent time to switch gears, to drive up a hill and to simply enjoy the Astonic experience. Usually a test drive takes about 20 minutes.

But I want to test the bike a little more thorougly!

If you really want to cruise for a few hours on an Astonic fatbike in order to make a decision, we will be happy to point you to a rental location. If you purchase a fat bike from us after renting it, we will deduct the paid rental amount (of one bicycle) from your purchase price.

Do I have to pay for the test drive?

No, taking a test drive is free of course!

If you go for an hour-long test drive (via a rental location), their prices will of course apply.

While testing the bike, am I insured?

Taking a test drive is entirely at your own risk. Astonic cannot be held liable for personal injury or damage to third parties. It is also at your own risk if you test a fat bike with a higher power output than is permitted by Dutch law. We will inform you so that you are aware of the legislation and can make an informed decision.

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We can be reached by phone Monday through Saturday between 9:00 and 21:00. You can also send us an e-mail. 

info@astonic-rides.nl +31 (0)183 201 043
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