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Discover our Astonic Breeze model

The ideal e-bike for your daily commute. Designed with both comfort and efficiency in mind, the Astonic Breeze is your perfect partner for bridging the distance between home and work. Whether navigating through urban streets or exploring rural pathways, our Breeze model provides a smooth, durable, and reliable ride. With its advanced features and stylish design, the Astonic Breeze is more than just an e-bike; it's an investment in your daily mobility and quality of life. Enhance your commuting experience with the Astonic Breeze.

E-Ride with lower entry

The Astonic Breeze has a lower entry so that it is even easier to get on. With the Breeze we have bent the center bar so that you can get on without throwing your leg over the saddle. In addition, this model is very practical due to the options to place shopping bags and child seats on an optional luggage carrier. This E-Ride model is perfect because of its high stability and functionality.

Our Breeze model is the perfect day to day 

Height-adjustable E bike

The Astonic Breeze can be fully adjusted to your wishes with the saddle and handlebars. The ergonomic position of this bike also makes it ideal for people with back, shoulder or neck complaints. In terms of comfort, this E-bike model is perfect for commuting, long journeys and daily use. This is the perfect model for people who travel long distances.

The Breeze is available with a 250 watt 48 Volt rear hub motor. With this e-ride you can hit the road without any fuss. The maximum supported speed of the Breeze is 25 km/h. You can easily read your speed from the color display. This display has a USB port to charge your smartphone.

The Breeze comes with an LG or Samsung 16Ah (768 Wh) battery equipped with 21700 cells, the best cells currently available on the market, in addition to a long lifespan, you get a nice driving range of up to 80 km. Because you often cycle many times more on an Astonic than you are used to, a battery upgrade of 20 AH (960 Wh) is available to increase your range.

The Astonic Breeze: all the luxury that Astonic bicycles are known for, but with a different appearance.

E-Ride for 140 cm and up

The Astonic Breeze E-Ride was developed with our two boys in mind. They found our Astonic Earth so incredible that they wanted to ride by themselves instead of just being passengers in front and back. Unfortunately, they weren't tall enough yet to safely mount an Astonic Earth. As they watched Roel welding and milling in the workshop, they increasingly asked for a bike of their own. Since we were already developing a new model, we decided to first create a prototype of the Breeze, specially designed for individuals from 140 cm tall. Because we tend to make everything big (tailored to our own height), the first prototype of the Breeze turned out too tall. With the second prototype, we got it right, and the boys were thrilled! Thanks to the adjustable seat and handlebars, the Breeze is suitable for a normal frame size

Breeze in large Frame size (Sky High)

Because we believe that frame sizes should also apply to e-rides and we produce our frames entirely by hand in the Netherlands, it was clear from the feedback we received after launching the Breeze that this bike also needed to be made in a larger frame size. Although Roel was already working on developing a completely new model, we collectively decided that having frame sizes is more valuable than releasing a new model. The beginnings of the new model were hung on the wall and had to wait for later. Roel's focus was shifted to the Breeze in a large frame size (Sky High), and it was soon ready to be produced.

Our Breeze E-Ride in large frame size (Sky High) is perfect for taller individuals and is suitable for heights from 170 cm to well over 2 meters.

Because we also cater to the aesthetic, we standardly equip the Breeze Sky High with Vee tire brand tires in combination with wider fenders, completing the look of this E-ride! Unlike its little brother, this bike is equipped with our retro headlight featuring our signature "A" LED ring, well known from our Earth models.

Available in four stunning colors and of the highest possible quality, we proudly present this model to you!

Earth Extended

Vanaf € 2.780,-

Earth Special

E Fatbike Astonic (178)


Air suspension front fork

The air suspended fork on our e-bike provides more riding comfort and extra damping. If you go off-road with your cool electric bike, you can adjust the air-suspended front fork so that more damping is created. This provides more comfort.

All aluminum frame

We have chosen to make our bikes entirely by hand from aluminum. Although this complicates the production process, it gives the bike extreme sturdiness. It also ensures that your cool electric bike remains free of rust. And of course, aluminum is lighter. This makes our bike more handy and it is easy to place on your bicycle carrier. Weighing in at around 23 till 30kg, it's the perfect e-bike to take with you on holiday.

Quality Shimano en Bafang components

Because only the best is good enough, we have equipped our E-bike with high-quality materials and parts. We mainly use Shimano and Bafang parts. These renowned brands are well-known in the bicycle industry and offer the quality we want for our electric bike.

Hydraulic disc brakes

Because all of our bikes have powerful electric motors, good brakes are essential. All of our E-bikes are equipped with powerful disc brakes so that you can come to a stop quickly in any situation.

Wide tires for high comfort and perfect road handling

Our bicycles have tires with a width of four inches or ten cm. This provides extra damping, because the tire pressure is lower than a bicycle with normal tires. This damping power translates into an extra comfortable driving experience.

Of course this urban fatbike is equipped with:

  • front and rear light
  • mudguard set
  • stand

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