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Anneke and Roel, the passionate founders of Astonic E-Fatbikes, proudly stand beside their creations in the Netherlands.
E FATBIKE hand made in holland

A mega cargo bike, with room for many children, which is also suitable for off-road adventures and which conquers the steepest hill without any effort. Many demands, but the ultimate wish that Anneke expressed to Roel!

Roel set to work and developed the predecessor of the Astonic e-bike. This cargo bike was very popular, and Roel decided to develop more bicycles. The first Astonic e-bike in the series, the Astonic Earth, was developed and put into production!


Anneke and Roel started their Astonic adventure in 2019 with great passion. Roel draws, develops and assembles the electric vehicles. Anneke's strength is customer service, and coming up with styles for new models. This golden combination results in high quality e-bikes that are different and can go further!

You can seamlessly integrate the contemporary and fashionable models into your lifestyle. As a result, you take out your bike more easily and leave your car parked more often. Fun and enjoyment are central during our development process. We have a keen eye for detail and quality.

Born from the desire to inspire, motivate and create adventure, Astonic is a Dutch brand that focuses on fun for the whole family. Astonic started developing the first model in 2019. Now, it’s 2023 and we are ready to launch new models. Astonic e-bikes are designed to please people of all ages and increase the use of electric bicycles. By emphasizing thoughtful design, responsible production techniques and local involvement, we continuously strive to become the Dutch market leader in the field of cool electric bicycles with fat tires.

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We can be reached by phone Monday through Saturday between 9:00 and 21:00. You can also send us an e-mail. 

info@astonic-rides.nl +31 (0)183 201 043
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