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Anneke and Roel, the passionate founders of Astonic E-Fatbikes, proudly stand beside their creations in the Netherlands.

E-Bike cargo bike for off-road
adventures and steep slopes

Anneke dreamed of the ultimate spacious cargo bike that comfortably accommodates many children, perfect for adventurous off-road tours and effortlessly climbing steep hills.

Inspired by her vision, Roel set to work and laid the foundation for the very first Astonic E-Ride. This innovative cargo bike became instantly popular, which led to the development of our subsequent more manageable models. Among them, the Astonic Earth became the groundbreaking member of the Astonic family, carefully designed and produced. Today, various models of premium E-Bikes are entirely handcrafted in the Netherlands, showcasing our commitment to quality and adventurous designs.

de grondlegger van Astonic, de bakfiets met dikke banden voor off road avonturen

Discover the Astonic E-Ride:
Your partner for adventures

The Astonic E-Ride series represents the pinnacle of Dutch engineering, designed for anyone who loves exploring the outdoors. Whether you are commuting, tackling off-road trails, or climbing steep slopes, our e-bikes are built to provide unmatched performance and durability. With Astonic's commitment to handcrafted excellence, each model in our range is a testament to our dedication to providing everyone with the best in sustainable, adventure-ready transportation.

E FATBIKE hand made in holland

Handmade in the Netherlands: Premium E-Rides for every adventure

Our handmade aluminum e-bike frames from the Netherlands guarantee top quality and durability. Aluminum, known for its resistance to the Dutch climate, is our material of choice. Thanks to the TIG welding method, known for its precision and the addition of material during the welding process, we assure you of extremely robust connections. The use of thick-walled tubes underscores our commitment to frames built for the long haul.

For ultimate comfort and perfect ergonomics, we subject both the frames and the complete bikes to thorough assessments by professional bike fitters. This meticulous production process enables us to seamlessly integrate comfort, quality, and style. The result is the ideal riding experience, anchored in our belief that an e-bike is more than a means of transportation; it's a statement of class and durability.

Passion for Sustainable
E-Bike Adventures

Passion for Sustainable
E-Bike Adventures

In 2019, Anneke and Roel embarked on their Astonic journey, driven by an unparalleled passion for sustainability and adventure. With Roel's expertise in designing, welding, and developing electric bikes, and Anneke's talent for customer service and styling new models, they together create Premium E-Rides. These bikes are handcrafted with utmost care in the Netherlands, where fun, quality, and an eye for detail are central. We are proud to produce durable, high-quality bikes that embody the heritage of Dutch craftsmanship and encourage a more active lifestyle.

Astonic: Dutch Innovation in Electric Bikes

Astonic, a Dutch brand dedicated to fun and adventure for the whole family, launched its first model in 2020 after three years of development. Now, in 2024, we have expanded our range with new, outstanding models. As an established brand and growing company, we are committed to quality, experience, and personal attention. Astonic E-Rides make electric biking accessible to all ages and reflect our commitment to thoughtful designs, responsible production methods, and local engagement. We lead the Dutch market for high-quality electric bikes, known for our robust tires and unmatched adventure capabilities.

Discover the Astonic Difference

Experience how our contemporary, stylish models seamlessly fit into any lifestyle, and discover why Astonic stands for innovation in the world of electric bikes. Choosing an Astonic E-Ride means opting for sustainability, quality, and Dutch design, perfect for both daily commutes and unique adventures.

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