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Earth Extended, perfect  family and double E-ride

This extended E-ride gives you even more space to go out. Share the feeling of freedom and easily take a passenger with you or go out safely with the kids. This E-bike is the perfect two-seater that you can board with two adults in great comfort. Order child seats on the Earth Extended and ride safely with approved seats on this E-Ride with kids from 6 months to adulthood. Guaranteed fun for the whole family on this E-ride or E-Bike from Astonic!

Double seater

This E-ride with extended frame can easily fit two adults. Add a passenger seat and footrests to your Extended E-ride and you can cruise into adventure together with the greatest of ease and comfort.

Practical E-Ride

After launching our single E-ride model, the Earth, we were immediately ready to continue working on a model that you could ride with more people. While developing this bike, the idea was that we wanted an E-bike that you could really comfortably get on with two adults. After all, the founder of our company was an immense cargo bike, an E-ride that you could ride with your kids and enjoy together on date nights was a true addition to our brand. Of course, this Longtail e-bike is very practical, you can add a basket or front carrier, a delivery box or shopping bags so that you can take more things with this e-ride in addition to a passenger.

Earth E-bike, the perfect all-rounder!

Our Earth models are ready for you to hit the road straight away or to drive up that cool forest path. Experience the feeling of freedom that this E-ride with thicker tires gives you when you are on the road.

These Astonic Earth models are ideal for family trips through the woods, but hilly landscapes are also no problem for these bikes. Wonderful cruising with the whole family, an experience that everyone enjoys! If you live in the city, this Urban bike is also ideal for commuting.

The seat of the Astonic Earth is designed in such a way that you cycle around upright, in a relaxed position and with a smile on your face. Without effort or sweat, but with a good dose of fun, you can get anywhere quickly and of course without traffic jams. With the powerful Bafang rear wheel motor you can easily drive 25 km/h and because we supply our E-bikes with a large removable battery as standard, you can pedal for miles through the city.

Frame sizes

Our Astonic Earth Extended is available in two frame sizes, the normal frame size with a seat height of 87 cm and the higher farm size (Sky High) with a seat height of 92 cm. our normal height is suitable for people from 160 to 185 cm, the large frame size (Sky High) is suitable for people with a height from 185 cm to well over 2 meters. If you are over 2 meters tall and would like to have a custom-made frame made, that is of course possible! We make E-Ride frames for tall people.

In addition to two frame sizes, this E-ride is available in 4 matte colors.

E-Fatbike met kinderzitjes ASTONIC (101)


Air suspension front fork

The air suspended fork on our e-bike provides more riding comfort and extra damping. If you go off-road with your cool electric bike, you can adjust the air-suspended front fork so that more damping is created. This provides more comfort.

All aluminum frame

We consciously chose to make our bike entirely by hand from aluminum. Although this complicates the production process, it gives the fat bike extreme strength. It also ensures that your sturdy electric fat bike remains free of rust. Of course aluminum is lighter. This makes our fat bike a lot more manageable and makes it easy to carry on your bicycle carrier. With a weight of about 23kg, it is the perfect e-fat bike to take with you on holiday.

Quality Shimano en Bafang components

Because only the best is good enough, we have equipped our E-bike with high-quality materials and parts. We mainly use Shimano and Bafang parts. These renowned brands are well-known in the bicycle industry and offer the quality we want for our electric bike.

Hydraulic disc brakes

Because all of our bikes have a powerful electric motor, good brakes are essential. All of our fat bikes are equipped with powerful disc brakes so that you can come to a stop quickly in any situation.

Wide tires for high comfort and perfect road handling

Our bicycles have tires with a width of four inches or ten cm. This provides extra damping, because the tire pressure is lower than a bicycle with normal tires. This damping power translates into an extra comfortable driving experience.

Retro lighting

A beautiful LED front lamp with a beautiful LED ring and three settings. A brake light is integrated into the rear light.

All-weather mudguard set

Sturdy front and rear mudguards are fitted of course.

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