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Discover Unbounded Mobility Solutions at Astonic

At Astonic, we believe that true freedom begins on two wheels. No challenge is too great for us. We invite you to break the conventions. Leave the limitations behind and step into a world of unprecedented possibilities!

Pain-Free and Customized: Your Perfect Bike Awaits

We are proud to offer everyone a comfortable ride at Astonic. Our promise? A bike that fits not only your body but also your soul. Through flexible customization and a wide range of parts, we transform standard models into your dream bike. Our goal is to adapt an existing model so that it is both cost-efficient and perfectly personal. Because with us, you and your bike belong together – just like freedom and the road ahead.

Together Towards Your Unique Riding Experience

Opt for Astonic and embrace the freedom of a bike that truly suits you. We think along with you, at every turn of the process, to ensure that your bike is not just a means of transport, but an extension of who you are.

At Astonic, your dream bike is just a conversation away.

Custom made Astonic

Let's shift our focus to fully customizing an E-Ride, with an emphasis on the possibilities and the process at Astonic:

Your Unique E-Ride: Fully Customized by Astonic

Do you dream of an electric bike that fully reflects who you are? At Astonic, we make that dream a reality. Choose every detail of your E-Ride, from the color to the unique design that is fully based on your desires. Your vision, our expertise - together we create something extraordinary.

The Process: Your Vision, Our Creation

The journey to your dream E-Ride begins with a dialogue. We take the time to thoroughly explore your ideas and preferences through extensive conversations. Your inspiration is our guide. From the first moment of inspiration to the final adjustments, we actively involve you in every step.

During the design process, you will go through several fitting sessions. This allows us to precisely adjust and refine everything, so that your E-Ride not only meets all your requirements but even exceeds them.

Colors and Details

The Finishing TouchAs we get closer to completion, we refine the chosen colors and work out the last details. Every element of your E-Ride is treated with the utmost care and precision, to ensure that the final product perfectly reflects your personality.

Transparency from Start to Finish

We understand the importance of clear communication. Throughout the entire process, we keep your wishes and budget in mind to avoid any surprises. From the first conversation, we provide you with a clear quote and give you a realistic estimate of the delivery time, which can vary from 6 to 12 months, depending on the complexity of your design and selected options.

Your Dream E-Ride Awaits You

At Astonic, your unique story is central. Start the journey to your custom-made E-Ride today and let us guide you to the realization of your dream.

Premium Custom made frame wordt op maat gemaakt en gelast voor perfecte ergonomie
Volledig op maat gemaakt frame wordt met de hand geproduceerd

Your Dream E-Ride Awaits You

At Astonic, your unique story is at the heart of everything we do. Embark on the journey to your handcrafted, custom-made E-Ride today and let us guide you to the realization of your dream.

Send us a message or call us for more information. We would be delighted to advise you on the best possible option for you.


Astonic x zakelijk

Een Astonic E-bike zakelijk inzetten om je bedrijf op te laten vallen? Natuurlijk! Denk bijvoorbeeld aan maaltijdbezorging in stijl, het te huur aanbieden van onze E-bikes of het uit de auto houden van je medewerkers.

Wij bieden de mogelijkheid een Astonic E-bike zakelijk aan te schaffen of te leasen, met of zonder onderhoud.

Vul het contactformulier in of bel ons voor meer informatie. Wij adviseren je graag over de best passende mogelijkheid voor je bedrijf.

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