2 April 2024

What makes an E-Ride from Astonic different than an E-Fatbike? 

E Ride vs E Fatbike Astonic (82)

When you think of electric bikes, two types often stand out: the E-Fatbike and the E-Bike. But what if we told you there's another unique player on the market that combines the best of both worlds and goes a step further? Meet the E-Ride from Astonic, a symbol of freedom, quality, and attention that elevates your riding experience to a higher level.

Comfort as a compass

The journey begins with comfort, and in this, Astonic clearly distinguishes itself from the E-Fatbike. Where many E-Fatbikes seem to treat ergonomic comfort as an afterthought, it is central to Astonic's design process. We take ergonomics seriously and also ensure adaptability to the individual rider. Offering two frame sizes, Astonic provides a personal fit, something often missing with E-Fatbikes. Our collaboration with a bike fitter ensures that every ride feels as if the bike was made just for you, making every ride, long or short, an experience of pure comfort and relaxation.

Functionality first

Beyond comfort, we wholeheartedly focus on functionality. Astonic E-Rides excel in ease of use and versatility. Where E-Fatbikes are often limited in their applicability, our E-Rides are just as functional as the traditional E-Bike. The Earth Extended model from Astonic even takes functionality to a higher level, comparable to a cargo bike, bakfiets, or longtail E-Bike. A big plus: the accessories you're used to using on a regular E-Bike also fit effortlessly on our E-Rides.

Astonic's promise 

At Astonic, everything is about creating a unique riding experience. Our E-Rides are not just bikes; they are custom solutions that transform your daily rides into moments of freedom and adventure. From the careful attention to ergonomics and comfort to boundless functionality - every Astonic E-Ride is a paragon of craftsmanship and innovation. Switch to an Astonic E-Ride and experience the difference: less an E-Fatbike, more a promise of quality, attention, and an unforgettable riding experience.

Detailopname van de handgemaakte Astonic E-Ride, met een close-up van het hoogwaardige frame en de geavanceerde, aanpasbare accessoires die functionaliteit en stijl benadrukken voor de moderne fietser

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