18 september 2022

Maintenance for your E-Fatbike

Hopefully, you've enjoyed many kilometers on your Astonic during this beautiful summer. The autumn season is approaching; it's high time to carry out maintenance on your fatbike!

Free First Service

If you own an Astonic and haven't yet redeemed the first free service, now is a great time to do so. During this service, we inspect the entire fatbike, adjust the hydraulic brakes, check the brake pads, lubricate the chain, and measure the battery's tension. Of course, we set your tires to the correct pressure and adjust the gears of your fatbike. This ensures that your fatbike is ready for autumn and winter.

How Often Should You Service Your Fatbike?

The frequency of servicing your fatbike depends on the number of kilometers you ride. The first service is performed at approximately 500 kilometers, allowing all components to settle in and be properly adjusted after initial use. Our advice is then to have a service at least once a year. Many of our customers exchange their car (to a large extent) for the fatbike and cover a significant distance, so two services per year, for example, at the beginning of autumn and when spring arrives, are highly recommended.

Schedule maintenance

To schedule maintenance for your Fatbike with Astonic, you can reach out to us through email or phone. We'll be happy to assist you in setting up an appointment for the necessary maintenance to keep your Fatbike in optimal condition.

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