8 april 2021

Maximize Your Family Fun with the Astonic E-Fatbike

Maximaliseer je Gezinsplezier met de Astonic E-Fatbike

Maximize Your Family Fun with the Astonic E-Fatbike: The Ultimate Mode of Transportation for Adventurous Families

Turn every family outing into an unforgettable adventure with the Astonic e-fatbike, the perfect combination of ruggedness and functionality, optimized for adventurous families. Our innovative e-fatbikes effortlessly transform from a stylish E-Ride into a family-friendly e-fatbike, designed to take you and your loved ones safely on adventures.

Versatility and Comfort for the Whole Family 

The 'Earth Extended' by Astonic, with its extra-long seat, is your reliable partner for carrying additional 'cargo'. Installing a child seat is a breeze, while extra footrests at the front of the seat make transporting two children at once a simple task. This e-fatbike guarantees safety, comfort, and fun for the entire family.

From City Rides to Adventurous Trails

The Astonic family e-fatbike is your versatile companion, ready to switch from an afternoon visit to grandma's to an exciting off-road experience in nature. The choice to explore the 'all-terrain experience' with your children adds a new dimension to family adventure. With our e-bike, you seize every opportunity to create new memories together.

Connecting with the Community 

The Astonic e-fatbike is not just about adventure; it's an invitation for families to explore the world with a new sense of freedom and connection. We encourage readers to share their experiences and adventures on social media and our website, building a community of adventurous families who inspire each other.

Keep Exploring with Astonic 

Astonic is committed to providing the highest quality and innovation in each of our e-fatbikes, allowing every family to experience adventures that go beyond the beaten path. Visit our website to discover more about the specifications of our e-fatbikes and how they can contribute to your next family adventure.

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