17 januari 2022

Keeping Your Fatbike Battery Up to Date

Dealing with Your Battery in Dutch Winters

Since the battery is the most expensive component of your Astonic fatbike, it deserves some extra attention. With winter around the corner, we think it's time to give you some tips on how to treat your battery in low temperatures.

If you treat the battery well, it will remain in the best condition. And this certainly benefits its lifespan!

The battery of your Astonic Fatbike consists of high-quality cells that are connected and collectively provide energy to your e-bike. If one of these cells is damaged, the quality immediately decreases. Sometimes, your battery might even stop working altogether.

Being exposed to freezing cold for a long time without riding your Astonic Fatbike is something the battery suffers from significantly. Take your battery inside after use during the cold winter months so it's not exposed to temperatures below freezing for a long period.

Summer cruisers

If you're a fair-weather rider, store your battery indoors during the winter months. Keep the battery at about half charge. The battery can be stored for up to three months without charging. Although we don't expect your Astonic to be stationary for that long, recharge your battery after three months and then store it again at half charge.

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