4 June 2024

Helmet Requirement for Fatbikes, What’s the Deal?

Moet je een helm dragen op een Fatbikes

Will There Be a Helmet Requirement for Fatbikes?

To provide a clear answer, no, there will be NO helmet requirement for fatbikes. However, it's important that this concerns a fatbike with a maximum motor power of 250W and a top speed of 25 km/h. If the fatbike exceeds 25 km/h or has a power output higher than 250W, it no longer falls under the regulations for E-Bikes but under the regulations for mopeds or Speed Pedelecs.

Can a Helmet requirement for Fatbikes be introduced?

Currently, there is no immediate prospect from the government of a future helmet requirement for fatbikes. This is also not possible since legal models are entirely classified under E-Bikes. If they were to introduce a helmet requirement, it would have to be applied to all E-Bikes because legal fatbikes fall completely under the E-Bike category.

Discussions in Media

Media sometimes suggests that such rules, like helmet requirements and a minimum age, could be specifically for fatbikes. This is unrealistic because fatbikes are essentially bicycles with thicker tires and a trendy frame.

How to prevent a helmet requirement on Fatbikes

Fortunately, there is currently no helmet requirement for fatbikes, and it seems unlikely to be introduced anytime soon. It is extremely important to follow the current laws and regulations to avoid accidents and a potential future helmet requirement for all E-Bikes. Make sure you ride a fatbike that complies with the E-Bike regulations: 250W motor power and 25 km/h speed limit.

Is a Fatbike dangerous without a Helmet?

Again, the answer is a resounding NO, a legal fatbike is not dangerous! A fatbike that falls entirely under the E-Bike category is even safer and more stable than a regular E-Bike. It is, however, extremely important to choose a high-quality fatbike with good components. Cheaper models often use low-quality parts, and the frame is usually made of thin material that is not suitable for Dutch weather. CHEAP = EXPENSIVE IN THE LONG RUN.

Of course, wearing a helmet is advisable, especially for young children and the elderly, but if you are riding a fatbike that falls completely under the E-Bike category, riding without a helmet is no more dangerous than on a regular E-Bike!

Unapproved mopeds and their dangers

Unfortunately, many models are currently marketed under the fatbike label that have nothing to do with an E-Bike but fall entirely under the regulations for mopeds. These extremely dangerous models damage the image of fatbikes and are of very low quality. They are equipped with a throttle and can reach speeds above 40 km/h. THESE ARE NOT FATBIKES BUT UNAPPROVED MOPEDS. For these models, it is mandatory to wear a helmet, be at least 16 years old, have a driving license, and they must have type approval, which is often not the case. Unfortunately, there are now many of these unapproved mopeds on the road, where the driver rides uninsured (PERSONAL INJURY LIABILITY) and can be held personally liable for all damages in case of an accident!


There will be no helmet requirement for fatbikes, as long as they have a maximum motor power of 250W and a top speed of 25 km/h. If a fatbike exceeds these limits, it falls under the regulations for mopeds or Speed Pedelecs. The government currently has no plans to introduce a helmet requirement specifically for fatbikes, as legal models are classified under E-Bikes. Media discussions suggesting special rules for fatbikes are unrealistic since fatbikes are just bicycles with thicker tires and a trendy frame. To avoid a future helmet requirement, it's crucial to follow current laws and ensure fatbikes meet E-Bike standards. Legal fatbikes are safe and stable, though choosing high-quality models is important. Many unapproved mopeds are incorrectly marketed as fatbikes, which are dangerous and require helmets, driving licenses, and type approval. Riding these unapproved models can lead to personal liability in accidents.

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