8 februari 2024

Custom bike for everyone

Een maatwerkfiets wordt geheel afgestemd op eigen wensen en vergroot het gebruiksgemak!

Every frame is entirely designed and handcrafted by Astonic. We use only the finest aluminum for this purpose. As a result, each custom bike is unique and a high-quality, handmade Dutch product.

Thanks to our unique approach, we get everyone back on the bike!

Why a Custom Bike

Body type, personal preference, and cycling style are important. Astonic makes it possible to fulfill nearly all wishes and possibilities when designing our E-Rides. On a custom Astonic E-Ride or bike, you have a perfect seating position. This reduces the chance of neck, back, or shoulder pain, or alleviates it if you already suffer from these. During our fitting sessions and extensive test rides, we work together with the customer to create the perfect E-Ride.

Custom or existing model

Before moving to full customization, we first try to adapt an existing model with components to make it fit. The guiding principle is always that we want the best option for our customers. From a cost perspective, modifying a standard model is more interesting, and this is always our starting point.

If we end up with a fully custom or Custom model, then this is why customization offers an advantage:

The reasons to go for customization are:

- You can personalize your frame in your desired colors and design;
- You always have a frame suitable for the right conditions;
- Excellent comfort, longer lifespan;
- Always a frame that suits you, regardless of body build, height, etc.;
- You know who handcrafted your frame based on your specific wishes and preferences;
- You are immediately comfortable on your bike;
- Cost-saving: you purchase a quality bike with a long lifespan;
- You acquire an E-Ride that will certainly not just be left in the shed.

The Mission of Astonic: to get everyone mobile and on the bike!

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