14 februari 2024

Astonic, were experience and attention is key

E Ride met uitmuntende service en hoge kwaliteit

As every customer who has stepped over the threshold at Astonic can attest, at Astonic, it's not just about craftsmanship but primarily about our customers. Purchasing a handmade E-Ride of exceptional quality is an experience, and I will explain our unique approach in this article.

Full attention at Astonic

When you visit Astonic E-Rides in person, you can be sure that you will have all the time needed to test all the models. Over a cup of coffee, we'll discuss the issues you're facing with your current bike and look at what we can adjust in our models to tailor them precisely to your wishes and needs. A test ride at Astonic lasts an average of 2 hours, during which we have genuine time to create your perfect Astonic.

Even if you have owned an Astonic for years, we continue to pay attention to our customers, achieving total care with maintenance at home, pick-up & delivery service, and the option to sign up for custom Care & Safe packages. Attention and total care are the standard at Astonic!

Experience is key

Purchasing an Astonic should be a true experience, from the moment you cross the threshold until years later when you're still riding your Astonic without a care in the world. This experience is reflected not only in our Premium E-Rides but also in the reception you receive. Although our showroom is small in size, the E-Rides hanging on the wall and the 15-minute test ride in our beautiful surroundings complete the experience. During the test ride, you'll stop by our production and assembly location and see how our frames are welded and assembled.

After the purchase, we deliver your fully assembled Astonic and provide personal instructions on how to use your Astonic. Thanks to our premium quality, owning an Astonic remains a daily experience.

Social impact

Because we aim not only to create the best E-Rides and customer experience but also to be mindful of our impact on the world, we have aligned our business operations accordingly.

  • Instead of working with influencers, we support charities;
  • We use recycled boxes and minimize their size to ship as little air as possible;
  • We plant trees for unnecessary back-and-forth shipping of orders;
  • We strive for national coverage so that purchases and maintenance can be carried out locally.

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We can be reached by phone Monday through Saturday between 9:00 and 21:00. You can also send us an e-mail. 

info@astonic-rides.nl +31 (0)183 201 043
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