24 June 2024

Are fatbikes dangerous?

is een fatbike echt zo gevaarlijk? informatie die je kennis geeft om weloverwogen beslissingen te maken

A deep dive into popular, but Qualitatively challenging models

Fatbikes have become extremely popular, unfortunately also among many youths. They look fantastic, offer comfort while riding, and are often significantly cheaper than traditional e-bikes. But what about the safety and quality of these bikes, and are they really bikes? Are fatbikes really that dangerous? In this article, we scrutinize the facts about dangerous unapproved mopeds sold under the name of fatbike.

What is a Fatbike and what does a good Fatbike cost?

Originally, the fatbike was designed as a safe bicycle; those that comply with the E-Bike legislation are extremely safe. Unfortunately, there are also many models on the road that do not legally qualify as E-Bikes due to (illegal) modifications and reckless riding behavior, leading to dangerous situations. Originally, fatbikes were used in the early 20th century for desert treks. In the 1980s, they made their way into polar expeditions due to their wide tires suitable for challenging terrains. A high-quality fatbike will set you back as much as a quality E-Bike, starting at €2700. This is because quality components are costly and ultimately determine the retail price of a Fatbike.

E-Bike or unapproved Moped?

E-bikes, according to European legislation, must not exceed 25 km/h or 250 watts of power. When these limits are exceeded, the classification changes to a moped, which brings additional insurance requirements. Many users, including parents, are unaware of these legal implications, which can lead to serious liability issues in accidents. The models sold under the name of Fatbike but reaching speeds of 40+ km/h and equipped with a throttle are entirely categorized as mopeds and these are the dangerous "Fatbikes" causing so much controversy, on which many youths are endangering themselves daily.

The main disadvantages of enhancing your E-bike

Riding an unapproved moped carries significant risks. Disc brakes are not designed for speeds above 25 km/h and can fail under high speed. Additionally, overheating of the battery and electronics can not only shorten the life of the bike but also significantly increase the risk of a battery fire during use or while charging. Unfortunately, we are increasingly hearing and seeing accidents occur with these dangerous unapproved mopeds sold under the name of Fatbike.

Buying a good and safe Fatbike

While the choice of high-quality fatbikes is limited, we advise against just purchasing a bike online. Look for reputable brands known for using good parts and delivering quality. The selection is limited, but there are definitely brands that are high quality and safe.


While fatbikes are trendy, it is important to be aware of the safety risks and the quality of your purchase. A well-informed purchase and awareness of legal restrictions can help ensure safety on the road. Invest in a reliable model and enjoy the many benefits a safe and well-equipped fatbike can offer in today's mobility transition, such as greater stability and comfort for daily rides and the potential to make the second car unnecessary.

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