11 December 2023

Maintenance essential for your E-Ride, E-Bike, or E-Fatbike

Maintenance is preservation

Unfortunately, we still see too many E-Bikes, E-Rides, and E-Fatbikes coming in without maintenance being carried out. It's a shame because maintenance is essential to extend the lifespan, just like with your car where maintenance is crucial but often forgotten. We observe that electric bikes of any type are heavily used, yet maintenance is overlooked. Maintenance is crucial for preserving the quality and performance of your E-Ride, E-Bike, or E-Fatbike. Regularly checking and maintaining crucial components, such as the battery, tires, brakes, and chain, not only ensures a safe ride but also prolongs the lifespan of your electric bike.

Standard maintenance service

Just like a car, an electric bike, whether it's an E-Bike, E-Ride, or E-Fatbike, requires maintenance. In addition to the minor maintenance that you can perform monthly yourself (read more about it in my previous blog by clicking on the button at the bottom), a minor and major service are essential to keep your electric bike in top condition. We recommend having a minor service performed jearly. If you use an E-Fatbike or E-Ride frequently off-road or in salty air, it is even advisable to have maintenance done every season ridden or pay more attention to your electric bike yourself. The following points are included in a standard service:

  1. Cleaning / washing the entire bike
  2. Checking the entire bike
  3. Degreasing and removing dirt from the chain and gears
  4. Lubricating the chain
  5. Adjusting the chain
  6. Cleaning the discs, brake pads, and caliper
  7. Testing the battery
  8. Tightening all bolts
  9. Checking all wear parts

Comprehensive maintenance service, Cleaning your motor

How often and when to have an extensive service performed depends strongly on the quality of the E-Bike, E-Ride, or E-Fatbike. For an Astonic E-Ride, this is necessary when the motor starts to produce more noise. During the major maintenance, we open the motor and clean the entire interior. We thoroughly clean the seals that keep moisture and dirt out, and removing sand and dirt is essential to allow the seals that close off the motor from moisture to function optimally. Once there is too much dirt and too little grease in the motor, moisture can penetrate the motor and cause the fuses to blow. We replace all the existing grease with clean grease and lubricate all components well. This way, you protect the motor from moisture.

In addition to cleaning and lubricating the motor, we perform all the points that we do during a standard maintenance service.

Unfortunately, at this moment, we see many low-quality E-Fatbikes where it is impossible to perform major maintenance. The motors are of such poor quality that opening, cleaning, and lubricating are impossible.

Washing your E-Bike, E-Ride, or E-Fatbike

Unfortunately, the value of washing and maintenance is extremely underestimated, leading to the accumulation of dirt and sand, causing various components to wear out much faster. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to wash your E-Ride, E-Bike, or E-Fatbike monthly. This prevents sand from finding its way to the seals in the motor and avoids creating space for moisture to cause permanent damage.


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