4 December 2023

E-Fatbike, E-Bike or E-Ride with the best battery

E Fatbike met de beste accu op de markt

Whether you're in search of an E-Fatbike, E-Bike or E-Ride, the quality of the battery is crucial.

We cannot emphasize it enough: your battery is the indispensable core of every electric bike, E-Fatbike, and E-Ride. If you value quality and want your E-Fatbike, E-Ride, or E-Bike to last for years, the battery plays a crucial role in delivering a premium riding experience.

The quality of an E-Ride, E-Fatbike, or E-Bike starts with the battery. It is the beating heart that provides the power for smooth rides and enduring cycling pleasure.

The price of an E-Fatbike, E-Bike, or E-Ride with a quality battery.

The price of a high-quality battery is an investment that pays off twofold. The battery significantly influences the selling price of the E-Bike, E-Ride, or E-Fatbike. There are various battery cells available in the market, ranging from very cheap unbranded cells to cells from reputable brands. The difference in price is substantial, and so is the difference in lifespan and capacity. Opting for an E-Bike or E-Fatbike with dubious, cheap cells means choosing a battery with a short lifespan.

Batteries designed with sustainability in mind ensure not only powerful and reliable performance but also an extended lifespan. A good battery is not just the lifeblood of your E-Ride but also the key to fewer worries and more carefree kilometers. At Astonic, we believe that investing in a quality battery is an essential step toward a seamless and enjoyable electric biking experience.

Fuses in your E-Ride battery.

At Astonic, we are dedicated to delivering not only high-quality performance but also maximum safety. This is why we place significant importance on the fuses in our batteries. These small yet crucial components play a significant role in protecting both the battery itself and the user. Our batteries are equipped with advanced fuse technology that reacts immediately to any irregularities, such as overheating, moisture, or short circuits. These fuses ensure optimal battery performance, even in demanding conditions, and reduce the risk of potentially hazardous situations. With these built-in safety measures, Astonic riders can enjoy their journeys with peace of mind, knowing that their battery is not only powerful but also safe and reliable. Safety is our top priority, and the fuses in our batteries are an essential part of our commitment to a carefree riding experience.

In budget-friendly E-Fatbikes and E-Bikes, fuses are often omitted alongside questionable cells in the battery, posing a risk of battery fires and irreparable water damage.

Bundling Battery Cells

At Astonic, we pay special attention to how we package our battery cells because we believe that the quality of this packaging is crucial for the performance and safety of our E-Rides. Our battery cells are carefully encapsulated in high-quality casings that not only provide protection against external factors such as moisture and dust but also enable effective heat dissipation. The packaging design is optimized to prevent overheating and extend the battery's lifespan. Additionally, we focus on minimizing vibrations and shocks to protect the cells during rides across various terrains. By combining innovative packaging methods with high-quality materials, our goal is not only to deliver superior performance but also to provide a sustainable and secure battery experience for our Astonic riders.

In cheaper E-Fatbikes and E-Bikes, battery cells are often soldered together and placed in the battery without bundling or encapsulation. By not bundling and encapsulating the cells, there is a significant risk of the cells vibrating loose. Once one of the cells becomes looser, the quality of the battery deteriorates significantly, and the battery may stop delivering energy in a short period.

quality check of our batterys

At Astonic, we place immense value on the quality and reliability of our batteries. That's why we have a dedicated battery expert who meticulously checks a sample from every batch of batteries. This expert is passionate and skilled, ensuring that through these thorough checks, we receive and deliver the desired level of quality for our E-Rides.

E Fatbike met beste accu

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