18 December 2023

Discover the Joy of Fatbiking at Any Age

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Discover the Joy of Riding an E-Ride or E-Fatbike

The E-Fatbike or E-Ride is no longer just for the younger generation! At Astonic, the largest user group consists of individuals above 30 years old. These adventurers are discovering the joy of exploring nature on a robust E-Ride or E-Fatbike. This activity not only keeps you physically active and youthful but also allows you to enjoy the outdoors, even if you are a bit older. If you have less strength, you can opt for a rotation sensor, enabling you to ride effortlessly and continue on adventures without exertion. For those considering, we have valuable tips, specially designed for older individuals, to ensure you have optimal fun and ride safely on your E-Ride or E-Fatbike. In my next blog, I will provide valuable tips focused on youthful users, followed by a blog for families.

Discover the Joy of Fatbiking: Essential Tips for Seniors

Choose the Right E-Ride or E-Fatbike

It is crucial to select the right E-Ride or E-Fatbike before hitting the road, especially for seniors where comfort and stability are of paramount importance. Look for an E-Ride or E-Fatbike with 20-inch tires, making mounting and dismounting easy, ensuring you always have both feet on the ground, eliminating the struggle at traffic lights! Opt for tires with ample width (at least 4 inches) for added stability, especially on uneven terrain. Even if you've become less flexible, these types of E-Fatbikes or E-Bikes provide fantastic stability. An adjustable handlebar and saddle help customize the bike to your body, making the ride more comfortable. With electric assistance, the E-Fatbike, E-Ride, or E-Bike offers extra convenience and the ability to cover longer distances with less effort.

Wear Appropriate Clothing and Weather-Appropriate Gear

It is vital to wear the right clothing and gear during your endless rides on your E-Fatbike or E-Ride, given the unpredictable weather throughout all seasons. Dress in layers for easy adaptation to changing temperatures. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer, add an insulating layer, and finally, wear a wind- and water-resistant outer layer. Gloves and a hat are essential for staying warm, especially during winter weather in the Netherlands, as hands and heads quickly lose heat. Ensure your bike has proper lighting, and wear reflective clothing to be visible to other road users.

Enhance Your Riding Technique

To ride your E-Ride or E-Fatbike safely and confidently, some crucial tips are essential. Shift to a lower gear when climbing hills or rough terrain to avoid excessive effort. Maintain a relaxed and upright posture to prevent back and neck pain, and slightly bend your arms and knees to absorb shocks. Adjust your speed and be cautious to prevent accidents. It is also important to learn and practice the correct braking techniques on different surfaces, familiarizing yourself with the optimal use of your brakes and avoiding abrupt stops.

Riding an E-Ride or E-Fatbike is a fantastic way to stay active and enjoy nature, regardless of your age. Have you tried it yet?

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