29 april 2024

100% Handmade in Holland

fabricage van een maatwerk astonic voor iemand met een groeistoornis

In a world dominated by speed and mass production, the handmade bicycles from the Netherlands stand out for their unique quality and personal charm. These bicycles are not just a means of transportation, but a statement of sustainable craftsmanship and innovative design.

The Renaissance of craftsmanship in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, with its rich cycling culture, we are fully focused on craftsmanship. Our artisans combine traditional methods with modern techniques to manufacture bicycles that are both aesthetically beautiful and technically superior.

What makes a handmade bicycle so special?

The strength of a handmade bicycle lies in its adaptability. Each part is carefully chosen and placed, each frame is custom-made and precisely welded. These bicycles represent a perfect balance between functionality and personal comfort. Our goal is to build the best bike for every cyclist. This results in the right frame for a comfortable, ergonomic seating position, and the unique opportunity to have your bike fully assembled to your own taste.

Practical benefits of handmade bicycles

Handmade bicycles not only provide aesthetic pleasure but are also customized for perfect ergonomics. This results in a more comfortable and efficient riding experience, tailored to the individual needs of each cyclist.

Why choose a handmade bicycle from the Netherlands?

Choosing a handmade bicycle means investing in quality, durability, and individuality. You support local businesses and consciously opt for an environmentally friendly production process. Additionally, you are assured of a trusted and personal contact point with all components readily available on the shelf.


A handmade bicycle from the Netherlands offers an authentic riding experience that far surpasses mass production. These bicycles are not just a practical choice, but also an investment in comfortable rides and durability.


100% Handmade in Holland

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