29 May 2024

From Cars to Two-Wheelers: The Story of Mark


After twenty years in the automotive industry, Mark had been feeling the itch to do something new for some time. The idea of switching to two-wheelers kept playing in his mind. The most important thing for Mark is to make people happy with a new bike. The transition was a logical step for him.

From cars to bikes

The transition from the automotive industry to the two-wheeler sector wasn't easy, but Mark brings years of experience that he now applies to bikes. Especially in the area of aftersales, he saw great potential for improvement. "Aftersales in the two-wheeler industry will become very important in the coming years," Mark explains. "There is much to be learned from the work processes in the automotive industry."

What does Mark bring?

With his experience, Mark brings a wealth of knowledge. Here are some aspects he applies daily:

  • Planning: Good planning ensures everything runs smoothly. Customers know exactly what to expect and can count on timely delivery.
  • Clear Price Quotes: Communicating clear price quotes upfront prevents surprises later and builds trust with the customer.
  • CRM System: A good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps in following up with customers and ensures nothing is overlooked. From maintenance appointments to aftersales communication, everything is meticulously tracked.

Astonic: A perfect match

In his search for the right partners, Mark quickly found Astonic. "The Astonic brand is a high-quality product that fits well with our standards," he says. What makes Astonic truly unique in the market is the lack of purchase obligations and the possibility of customization. This gives Mark the flexibility to offer exactly what his customers need.

The future

With his experience and the choice of a top brand like Astonic, Mark looks to the future with confidence. He sees it as his mission not only to deliver bikes of the highest quality but also to provide excellent service. In an increasingly competitive market, Mark believes his approach will make the difference. This vision aligns perfectly with Astonic!

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