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The Importance of Ergonomics in E-Fatbike, E-Rides and E-Bikes

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The Ergonomic Challenges of Average Electric FatBikes

In the world of electric fatbikes, it seems that technological advancement has come to a standstill, with the overly small and monotonous models failing to take into account the diverse needs and styles of consumers. A critical aspect that our Asian colleagues overlook in the development of these E-Fatbikes is ergonomics.

Ergonomics plays a crucial role in how a cyclist interacts with their E-bike, E-Fatbike or E-Ride, having a direct impact on comfort, efficiency, and ultimately the health of the user. How we do take this into account is what I explain in this blog.

Common Ergonomic Issues in E-Fatbikes

Seating Posture: Many E-Fatbikes have a seating position that is, to put it mildly, suboptimal for long rides. This can lead to back and neck pain, especially if the rider does not sit correctly or if the saddle is not properly adjusted. Many have a long saddle and an extremely small frame. People sit with a hunched back on these E-Fatbike models, and the knees are bent too far, often nearly touching the handlebars.

Handle Grip and Steering: The handlebars on these models are too low and too close, resulting in discomfort in the shoulders, arms, and hands. This problem is often exacerbated by the extra weight of the E-fatbike, which requires more force for steering and maneuvering.

Pedal Position: Incorrect pedal positioning can lead to inefficient pedaling patterns and increased strain on the knees and ankles. This is particularly noticeable on E-fatbikes, where the pedal assistance alters the natural pedaling posture. Unfortunately, this is the case with almost all current E-Fatbikes.

Bike Weight and Balance: E-fatbikes are generally heavier than traditional bikes, which can lead to imbalance, especially at lower speeds or while maneuvering in tight spaces. The high power placed in the too-small Asian models is often extremely high, resulting in rapid acceleration and greater imbalance.

To address the ergonomics of E-Rides, we approach it differently:

Individualized Adjustments: Bikes must be adaptable to the body measurements and preferences of individual users. This includes adjustable saddles, handlebars, and pedals. And of course, frame sizes are essential – Astonic is the only brand with fat tire bikes that offer frame sizes. If you are taller, you need a larger frame size to cycle comfortably.

Advanced Ergonomic Designs: We conduct extensive research into ergonomic designs, focusing on reducing strain and increasing comfort, for example by utilizing knowledge from the adventure, cycling, and mountain biking segments.

Weight Distribution: Better weight distribution in the design can help improve balance and reduce the effort needed for steering and balancing.

Customer-Specific: Informing users about the importance of ergonomics and providing guidelines for correctly setting up their E-Ride can prevent common problems. Customizing entirely to the customer's wishes, such as with a different saddle or handlebar, is the norm for us. Only in this way do people enjoy their Astonic more and leave the car behind.

Dedication to Ergonomics and Comfort

Astonic distinguishes itself in the world of E-Rides with fat tires through a unique approach to ergonomics and comfort. As the only brand in the industry, Astonic offers each model in two frame sizes, ensuring that every user can find a bike that perfectly fits their body. This significantly improves riding comfort and efficiency, which is particularly important given the longer distances often covered with E-Rides.

But our dedication extends beyond just sizing; we are continually engaged in developing and refining our E-Rides to ensure optimal ergonomics. By working closely with experts, Astonic utilizes advanced technologies and design principles to ensure that each ride is not only enjoyable and efficient but also contributes to the rider's health and well-being.

For this approach, influences and expertise from the cycling, adventure, and mountain biking worlds are essential. The knowledge regarding ergonomics, quality, and comfort is inexhaustible and invaluable for creating models with thicker tires and exceptional ergonomics. This way, we get even more people out of their cars and onto their Astonic!

E-Fatbike met goede ergonomie en zithouding

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