15 May 2024

Safety First: How We Protect Our Youth on the Road

Jeugd op een veilige fatbike

Disclaimer: At Astonic, we are committed to the highest quality standards in producing our E-Rides. This article reflects our dedication to safety, without disparaging other safe brands. We are always ready to inform and advise!

Road Safety is a Fundamental Right. Recent trends show that not all youths are equally safe on our streets. The popularity of fatbikes among young people has skyrocketed, but unfortunately, the quality of these vehicles is not always guaranteed. This raises serious questions about responsibility and safety.

Responsibility of the Sellers: 

Sellers of fatbikes bear a great responsibility. It is crucial that they offer products that meet safety standards and are suitable for young riders. At Astonic, we understand this responsibility; our products fully comply with legislation and undergo rigorous safety checks before entering the market.

The Role of Customs and Regulatory Authorities: 

The ILT and other regulatory bodies play a vital role in ensuring product safety. Their task is to control and enforce safety standards so that only safe and approved products are sold. When these systems fail, our children are unnecessarily put at risk.

The Involvement of Parents: 

Parents have a duty to be vigilant about the products their children use. This includes informing themselves about the safety aspects of the vehicles their children utilize. Transparent information from sellers and regulators can help them make the right choices.

Educating and Protecting Our Youth:

While we cannot expect young people to always make the safest choices, we can provide them with the right tools to make informed decisions. Education about safety and the risks of substandard fatbikes is crucial.

In the spirit of our commitment to quality and safety, we call on all parties involved to take their responsibilities seriously. At Astonic, we believe it is our duty to not only deliver excellent products but also to participate in raising awareness about safety. Let’s work together to make our roads safer for everyone.


At Astonic, we are committed to creating a safe riding experience for everyone, especially our youth. While this article emphasizes the importance of safety and quality, it is not our intention to cast other brands in a negative light. We respect our colleagues in the industry and value the diversity and choice the market offers.

Our concerns about the safety of fatbikes and other E-Rides are genuine and based on a general concern for the well-being of young users. We believe that sharing these concerns can help us work together to develop better standards and safer products for everyone. Let's collectively strive for a safer future, where every product that hits the market ensures the safety and enjoyment of our children without compromise.

op de juiste fatbike kan de jeugd veilig deelnemen aan het verkeer

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