23 oktober 2023

Purchase Astonic E-Ride in Alkmaar

Custom made E Fatbike (154)

Buying Astonic at Garage Dave Kuys in Alkmaar

Our E-Rides have been available in Alkmaar for quite some time now at Garage Dave Kuys. In this automotive garage, the mechanics are skilled in handling maintenance for four-wheeled mobility. When Dave came across Astonic E-bikes and contacted us, he expressed his desire to exclusively feature high-quality E-(Fat)bikes in his garage, welcoming us as an expansion in the realm of electric mobility on two wheels.

Expertise and Service 

Expertise and Service After an introduction and extensive testing in our modest workshop, Dave was enthusiastic, and we were equally positive about collaboration. Dave and his team of skilled specialists go the extra mile for their customers, with service and communication at the forefront. Whether it's maintenance or purchase, anyone stepping through the door receives tailored advice.

Custom Astonic E-Ride

Because Dave likes to offer E-bikes that stand out, he often opts for a custom color for his Astonic E-bikes. When you visit Dave, you may encounter a unique Astonic that you can take for a test ride. Additionally, his customers may enjoy a delightful ride on an Astonic E-bike during good weather while their cars undergo maintenance.

E Fatbike Custom made

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