25 March 2024

Experience the comfort of cycling every day with Astonic: A customer’s journey

Een tevreden fietser geniet van een dagelijkse rit op zijn stijlvolle, zwarte Astonic elektrische fiets door de stad

Rien Koster, residing in Zevenaar, shares his experiences since switching to an Astonic bike. In his story, he highlights how this Dutch electric bike has changed his daily routine, from simple rides to work to relaxing weekend journeys. Read his story.

Upgrading my cycling experience

Before discovering Astonic, my cycling experience was limited to just 50 kilometers a year, mainly to and from the station. Those journeys felt like a struggle, fighting against rain and wind. However, with the arrival of Astonic in my life, my entire cycling experience has been transformed. Now, I joyfully cycle 22 kilometers daily, regardless of the weather, and the moment I am about to arrive always feels too soon.

Every ride a pleasure

What Astonic means to me is more than just a means of transport; it is a daily source of happiness. The cool, rugged, black design, exuding style without coming off as an exaggerated fatbike, makes every ride a pleasure. From the moment of mounting and taking off to comfortably cruising, my Astonic offers a unique "whoosh" experience that makes my heart beat faster every time.

excellent maintenance service 

My interactions with Astonic and the maintenance service are excellent, providing a carefree riding experience. These positive aspects contribute to my overall appreciation of the bike.

Would I recommend an Astonic? Without any doubt. For anyone looking for a reliable and enjoyable means of daily transport or a way to enjoy the outdoors, Astonic offers the perfect solution. It is a beautiful Dutch innovation that brings together quality, design, and joy on two wheels. Discover the joy of cycling with an Astonic yourself and be amazed daily by the comfort and freedom it offers.


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