26 OKTOBER 2023

E-Ride Purchase During Black Friday Deal

E Fatbike Black November deal

E-Ride Purchase During Black Friday Deal | Astonic Rides NL

Are you looking for an E-Ride? And do you want to buy the best E-bike with a discount? Then purchase an E-bike during the Black Friday deal at Astonic. An E-Ride from Astonic is entirely handmade in the Netherlands, equipped with high-quality components, and extensively tested before being personally delivered fully assembled! If you're seeking a sustainable E-Ride, this is the perfect moment to get one!

E-bike, Black Friday Deal Conditions

Throughout the entire month of November, you will receive a €299 discount on an Astonic Earth or Astonic Earth Extended in the Graphite Black color.

Terms and conditions:

Applicable to the following Astonic rides:

  • Astonic Earth including 20 Ah (960 Wh) battery, normal total price €3198, available for €2899 throughout November.

  • Astonic Earth Extended including 20 AH (960 Wh) battery, normal total price €3398, available for €3099 throughout November.


Ordered E-bikes will be delivered between February 1 and February 14, and the promotion is only valid with full prepayment. This is a guaranteed final delivery date.

Any additional accessories ordered will be delivered separately and not pre-assembled.

Of course, you will receive the fully assembled and ready-to-ride Astonic, just hop on and go.

Do you want to cruise on an Astonic in the New Year? Hurry to the nearest sales point and order your Astonic! Or place your Black November order in our shop!

E-Fatbike with a discount, throughout the month of November Since we don't usually offer discounts, we've decided to let you take advantage of the Black Friday deal for an extended period. Throughout November, you can purchase our E-Rides Astonic Earth and Earth Extended with a discount!

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