20 November 2023

E-Fatbike versus E-Ride: A Comprehensive Comparison

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The Origin and Current Status of the E-Fatbike

In the beginning, the E-Fatbike was a bicycle with robust 4-inch tires, designed to add an extra dimension to adventurous cycling. However, over time, the term has taken on a different meaning. Nowadays, an E-Fatbike is understood as an unapproved illegal moped imported into the Netherlands without paying taxes. A downside to what once began as an innovative bicycle concept.

It is crucial to emphasize that using these illegal mopeds comes with serious quality and safety risks. Often lacking the necessary inspections and warranties that regular vehicles undergo, there is a significant risk of faulty parts, inadequate brakes, and excessive speed. The use of such vehicles can not only lead to personal injury but also endangers other road users.

The Unique Character of the E-Ride

On the other end of the spectrum is the E-Ride, an electric bike with a rugged appearance and full legal status. What sets the E-Ride apart is not only its electric drive but also the fact that each unit is handcrafted in the Netherlands, following strict Dutch regulations. Unlike the E-Fatbike, E-Rides are completely street legal and can proudly traverse Dutch roads. A product of high quality and craftsmanship, where sustainability and style go hand in hand.

Navigating E-Bike Regulations in the Netherlands

Now that we have explored these two worlds, it is essential to consider the regulations that apply to electric bikes in the Netherlands. E-Bikes, including legal E-Rides, fall under specific laws that regulate their use on public roads. This regulation not only ensures the safety of the user but also creates a framework that encourages sustainable mobility. It is this understanding and compliance with Dutch legislation that makes the E-Ride a reliable and responsible alternative to traditional means of transportation.

 Identify an illegal moped

To identify an illegal moped, you can consider the following guidelines:

  • If you can increase the speed to over 35 km per hour, the bike has a more powerful motor than the permitted 250 watts and is classified as a moped.

  • If there is a throttle on it, allowing you to reach a speed above 6 km per hour without pedaling, your means of transportation falls under a motorized vehicle and must be equipped with a yellow or blue license plate.

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