11 June 2024

Customer story

Darren deelt zijn ervaring met Astonic en vertelt over de hoge service en kwaliteit

Our customer stories are of great value to us, especially because we really want to make a dent in our service and always strive for happy customers and putting that extra effort into it. When I asked Darren about his Astonic story, his words were really heartwarming and let us know we are on the right track. It is a great pleasure to share his story with you."

E-Bike got stolen

My journey starts with a sinking feeling. One of shock and emptiness as I stare out of the kitchen window in the realization my shed door is broken and my unimoke ebike, which was imported from Germany from Urban Drive style,  has been stolen.

All those weekends working extra overtime, all the joy that bike brought my children On our trips out. In tatters.

Or so I thought!

You hear the saying "silver linings" and don't quite get it but I do now, because from this incident of theft - came a new adventure, and a new ebike, from a new little known company in Europe. 

Search for replacement

From that cold November in 2022 the search was on for my replacement! 

I had found Knapp online but had issues trying to order from the UK, and a new version for tall people was being delayed and delayed so I lost interest..

 But then my search led me to a site across the water, I had found Astonic! A little known company at the time, up and coming, popular in the Netherlands and just maybe, they could answer my prayers!

E-bike for tall people

They had e bikes that had tailer made options for tall people, a long seat, good distance capability, a business with friendly customer service based attitude to customers, quality parts, disc brakes, and most importantly their bikes could handle a passenger, or three!

I had found my dream ebike, but the challenge was how to get hold of it. There was no option to ship to the UK. So my heart sank.

Could it be done

After a few weeks passed, I decided to touch base with the team at Astonic just as a last resort to see if anything could be done?

Anneke was brilliant. She understood what I was looking for in an ebike. I explained how bad the supply chain is in the UK, and how import duty was now an issue following brexit. But her website provided the replacement ebike I so badly wanted and had been searching for, for so many months..

 We arranged a price to cover costs of shipping and import. Anneka explained they hadn't done this before so to be warned they were doing their best and the hope everything would arrive in good condition, but to let them know if anything was not as it should be.

I had nothing to worry about.

Everything was perfect! (Apart from a small mark on the battery case which astonic replaced straight away.)

E-Bike for adventures

I used the bike with my two children and we travel for miles in my local town, through forests and along the river - we have a great time.

 These days me and the girlfriend use it to get around the local villages doing some pub crawls in the sunshine! And we take the ebike away when we go camping, so we can jump on and explore our surroundings! What a brilliant way to explore new places!

 I have recently modified the seat, I modified to take Vespa Pegasus seat from a motorbike.  I personally found the original seat quite painful after some time on it. I think it was too narrow for me so the seating position wasn't comfortable. Originally I wrapped motorbike pads around the seat and that helped a little. But a permanent fix was needed.

This is the thing about these ebike s. They are fully customizable! Provided the custom changes are legal there is no problem here in the UK.

E-Bike for adventures

All in all I think Astonic should open a shop in the UK because they are so good. Customer service is exceptional. They definitely need to spread out to perhaps bulk import to the UK with a shop that does service repairs and parts because, boy that would be just amazing. 

Before long, the technology will be improved in all ebikes, and distance won't be so limited so more and more people will purchase them for reasons I've already mentioned. 

Cambridge in the UK would be a great base for Astonic potentially in the future? 

I have recommended Astonic to all who will listen !!

So it's just a matter of time until their expertise and customer service reach across the water face to face!! 

For now..

Het is een genoegen om deel uit te maken van het verbazingwekkende klantenbestand. Hartelijk dank voor uw klantenservice.

Kind regards

Darren from the UK.

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