25 March 2024

Custom Bikes Transform Mobility: A Customer Story

Rob glimlacht naast zijn op maat gemaakte Astonic fiets, die perfect bij zijn lengte en persoonlijkheid past

My name is Rob, 28 year old from Haaren, and my search for the right bike took an unexpected but wonderful turn when I discovered Astonic. Due to my growth disorder, it wasn't easy to find a bike that truly suited me, both in size and personality. The standard solutions didn't feel right, and the "children's bikes" offered to me by the municipality were hardly used.

The Problem: Searching for the Right Bike

 My challenges with finding a bike that fits both my height and lifestyle.

In 2021, my search for the perfect bike was transformed thanks to Astonic, a company specializing in custom bikes. As someone with a growth disorder, I found it challenging to find a bike that not only fit my height but also matched my personality. Standard solutions and children's bikes did not meet my needs and often left me feeling embarrassed.

The Solution

Meeting Astonic How Astonic introduced the concept of a custom-made bike that restored my freedom of mobility.

My wish was simple: to bike with my friends without compromises. I was looking for independence and a bike that could boost my self-confidence. The municipality offered alternatives, such as a taxi subscription, but that did not meet my need for freedom and mobility.

Astonic, based in the Netherlands and known for their focus on quality and personal approach, offered the solution. After meeting Roel and Anneke from Astonic, it became clear that they were up for the challenge of creating a custom bike that met all my wishes. This collaborative process, which involved three visits for adjustments, ensured the bike perfectly met my needs.

The Result

Freedom and Self-Confidence The impact of my new Astonic bike on my daily life and self-esteem.

This approach resulted in a unique bike that is not only physically comfortable but also reflects my personality. It has given me the freedom I longed for, allowing me to participate in bike rides with friends with pride and confidence.

My experience with Astonic proves that customization and personal attention can make a difference. It is an example of how companies like Astonic don't just deliver products, but also contribute to a sense of inclusivity and self-assurance. For anyone looking for a custom bike that fits unique needs, Astonic offers an inspiring success story.

I use my Astonic daily and enjoy every ride.


Detailopname van de unieke kenmerken en aanpassingen op Robs Astonic fiets.

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