3 November 2023

By your Astonic in Lunteren

E Fatbike ASTONIC 60 (167)

Are you looking for an E-Fatbike and do you value sustainability and quality? Then Henk van Donkelaar's store is the place to purchase or test a high-quality E-Fatbike. They have recently added Astonic E-Fatbikes to their already beautiful range. If you live in the vicinity of Lunteren, pay a visit to Henk Donkelaar Tweewielers!

E-Fatbikes with quality that we stand behind.

The reason for choosing to add the Astonic brand to the E-fatbike segment is because at Henk van Donkelaar, they always aim for quality. Henk and his crew's desire is to consistently provide quality products they can stand behind. For years, you've been purchasing quality and sustainable bicycles from Henk van Donkelaar.

"We chose Astonic because we prioritize quality."

E-Fatbikes with service and replaceability.

In addition to quality, they place great importance on service and replaceability. Because Astonic keeps all the components readily available for their E-Fatbikes, you can be sure that you will receive quick assistance in case of damage or breakage. Thanks to their excellent service and close relationships with customers and partners, we collectively ensure the satisfaction of our Astonic riders.

"We want to sell bikes for which we can provide the service."

E Fatbike Astonic  (250)

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