29 januari 2024

Astonic occupies new premises for the production of more Handmade E-Rides.

Handegmaakte E Ride, E fatbike, E Bike

Astonic is moving to a new facility for the production of more Handmade E-Rides! Due to the growth achieved in recent years and with an eye on future expansion, Astonic, the Dutch Premium E-Ride brand, is actively engaged in acquiring a larger space for production and assembly.

Attention and Experience at Astonic

To maintain the current experience, the space where production and assembly will take place is also located in Spijk, preserving the charm of taking a peek into the "kitchen" and passing by the production area during a test ride or introduction.

In the ever-picturesque Spijk, Astonic, the Dutch brand of premium E-Rides, is taking a significant step forward. This expansion not only reflects our growth and success in recent years but also sets the stage for an ambitious future.

Fully Handmade E-Rides

Throughout the entire production process, the focus consistently remains on quality and user-friendliness. By moving to the new space, even more handmade E-Rides can leave the doors in 2024. Astonic expects to open the doors of the new hall in March, after which everyone is welcome to come and view the Dutch craftsmanship and expertise.

The growth we've achieved has created room for establishing new partnerships! Will you join Astonic?

Quality Beats Quantity, Every Time

Handgemaakte E Ride, E Fatbike, E Bike

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