13 Martch 2024

Astonic: Growing and Innovating with Quality at the Forefront

Craftsman at Astonic meticulously handcrafting a premium E-Ride frame, showcasing unparalleled quality.

Healthy growth company

Astonic is a standout name in the world of E-Rides, based in the Netherlands. From our humble beginnings, we've evolved into a healthy growth company known for its premium, handmade frames and meticulous selection of high-quality parts. Recently, we've hit a significant milestone: moving to a larger premise. This move not only marks our growth but also our commitment to meet the rising demand without compromising the quality and service that define us.

Space for Growth

The transition to a larger facility was a natural step in our growth journey. It provides us the space to scale up our production and create even more premium, handmade E-Rides. This expansion symbolizes our dedication to quality and innovation, facing the future with confidence.

Quality and Partnership

At the heart of our expansion is our eternal commitment to quality. We carefully select the best parts and collaborate with reliable partners to ensure the durability and performance of our E-Rides. Our growth means not just more products, but also strengthening relationships with suppliers and partners who share our vision of quality and customer satisfaction.

Looking Forward Without Compromise

As we grow, we remain focused on providing unmatched service and warranty. Our customers expect the best, and that's precisely what we deliver. The expansion of our business and scaling up our process have been carefully planned to ensure that our core values - quality, attention, and experience - always come first.

Towards the Future

The future looks bright for Astonic. With our larger space, increased production capacity, and strong partnerships, we're better equipped than ever to meet the growing demand for premium E-Rides. We continue to focus on innovation, without making concessions on the quality and service our customers have come to expect.

Een selectie van hoogwaardige onderdelen gebruikt in Astonic E-Rides, benadrukkend onze toewijding aan duurzaamheid en prestatie.

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