12 Februari 2022

Aluminium versus Staal

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Aluminum is a non-ferrous metal that is light in weight. It is much more difficult to bend and weld than steel, but aluminum is more weather-resistant and rust-free.

All Astonic frames are made of high-quality aluminum because this ensures a beautiful final product. Naturally, it would be easier for us to make the frames out of steel. However, we do not opt for the easiest option; we choose the best option. We spent a long time developing a bending method to bend the aluminum neatly and without damage. Eventually, we succeeded; we bend the aluminum entirely by hand to get the right curves and shapes in the frames.

Because aluminum is lighter than steel, Astonic bikes with thick tires are easy to carry on a bike carrier. The bike's heaviest parts are the detachable battery and the motor. The frame's weight is significantly lower than frames made of steel. This makes your Astonic Fatbike much more manageable when putting it away in the shed.


Welding aluminum is a specialty in itself; it is much more difficult than welding steel. Due to the higher welding temperature and the high conductivity of aluminum, achieving beautiful and skillful welds is a significant challenge. In the Netherlands, there are virtually no aluminum welders to be found who venture into the bicycle industry and who dare to achieve beautiful weld seams on bicycles.

Many companies have this welding done abroad, but we weld our prototypes and first editions ourselves. To weld aluminum, we use a TIG welding machine with alternating current and pulse function. Everything is handmade, done by local craftsmen, and with the utmost attention to detail. This results in beautiful weld seams, time after time.

Aluminium versus staal

The raw material price of aluminum is significantly higher than that of steel, which makes the use of steel seem much more logical. However, because Astonic focuses its products purely on sustainability, quality, and comfort, we only offer the most premium fatbikes that are always made of aluminum and equipped with high-quality components. If you want Dutch quality, then Astonic is the right place for you!

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