22 April 2024

A splendid contribution to the Gala Dinner for Street Child Netherlands.

De fiets die gedoneerd is aan het goede doel Street Child Nederland

Astonic and Street Child: Together for change through a unique auction

Last Wednesday was an evening to remember. The gala dinner benefiting Street Child Netherlands showcased not only splendor, but also what we can achieve when we join forces for a noble cause. The highlight of the evening was the auction of an Astonic, which raised a significant amount for Street Child. This initiative underscores our commitment to education for the most vulnerable children.

"It takes a village to raise a child"

The famous African wisdom, "It takes a village to raise a child," has never been more relevant. Whether that village is thousands of kilometers away or consists of people raising funds and running the marathon in Sierra Leone; every contribution counts. It is this collective effort that brings us closer to our common dream: a world where every child has access to education.

The Power of Collaboration

Astonic sincerely believes in the power of collaboration and solidarity. Our support for Street Child Netherlands and the organization's tireless efforts to make education accessible for the most vulnerable children worldwide reflects this belief.

A Year of Education for Just € 50,-

What many people don't realize is that just €50 is enough to provide a child with a year of education in one of the most vulnerable areas in the world. This fact highlights the impact that even the smallest donation can have on the life of a child and their community.

How You Can Help

Consider making a donation to the brave runners of the Sierra Leone Marathon through the official donation page of Street Child Netherlands, or support the efforts of our own heroes, @tijnbranderhorst and @floortjeschavemaker, via their personal pages. Every contribution, no matter how large or small, helps make the dream of education for every child a reality.

Een avond vol pracht en praal, waarbij we bijdragen aan Street Child Nederland. Samen maken we een verschil voor kwetsbare kinderen. Doe mee en steun het onderwijs voor slechts €50.

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