Earth Special


E-fatbike met een afwijkend frame

Ben je op zoek naar iets bijzonders? Dan is onze Astonic Earth Special hét fatbike model voor jou! Deze blikvanger zorgt ervoor dat je alle aandacht krijgt terwijl je onderweg bent. 

Aan het frame van de Astonic Earth Special is een extra bocht toegevoegd. Optisch geeft dit net een beetje extra's aan de fatbike. Het extra bochtje leent zich ook perfect om je slot omheen te hangen. Neem je een tex-lock dan ben je er zeker van dat je slot het frame niet beschadigt.


Air suspension front fork

The air suspended fork on our e-fatbike provides more riding comfort and extra damping. If you go off-road with your cool electric fat bike, you can adjust the air-suspended front fork so that more damping is created. This provides more comfort.

All aluminum frame

We have chosen to make our fat bikes entirely from aluminum. Although this complicates the production process, it gives the fatbike extreme sturdiness. It also ensures that your cool electric fat bike remains free of rust. And of course, aluminum is lighter. This makes our fat bike more handy and it is easy to place on your bicycle carrier. Weighing in at around 23kg, it's the perfect e-fatbike to take with you on holiday.

Quality Shimano en Bafang components

Because only the best is good enough, we have equipped our fatbike with high-quality materials and parts. We mainly use Shimano and Bafang parts. These renowned brands are well-known in the bicycle industry and offer the quality we want for our electric fat bike.

Hydraulic disc brakes

Because all of our fatbikes have a powerful electric motor, good brakes are essential. All of our fat bikes are equipped with powerful disc brakes so that you can come to a stop quickly in any situation.

Wide tires for high comfort and perfect road handling

Our bicycles have tires with a width of four inches or ten cm. This provides extra damping, because the tire pressure is lower than a bicycle with normal tires. This damping power translates into an extra comfortable driving experience.

Retro lighting

A beautiful LED front lamp with a beautiful LED ring and three settings. A brake light is integrated into the rear light.

All-weather mudguard set

Sturdy front and rear mudguards are fitted of course.

Earth Extended

Vanaf € 2.780,-

Earth Special

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