Astonic Breeze


From € 2999,-

The "Urban fatbike" with a height-adjustable frame

The Astonic Breeze fatbike is fully adjustable in height, the handlebar position can also be adjusted to your personal wishes. Because this fat bike model can be adjusted in height, the bike is suitable for people between 140 cm and 200 cm. This model also comes standard with an air-suspended front fork and a comfortable saddle. The Breeze is only available with a 250 watt rear hub motor, you can hit the road with this cool fat bike completely unburdened. The maximum speed of the Breeze is 25 km/h. This bike has a color display with a USB port to charge your smartphone. In other words: all the luxury that the Astonic bikes with fat tires are known for, with a different appearance.

E-fatbike inspired by a BMX frame

The Astonic Breeze fatbike was developed with our two boys in mind, they loved our Astonic Earth fatbikes so much that they wanted to ride themselves and no longer wanted to ride on the back of oure bikes. Unfortunately they were both not yet big enough to get on an Astonic Earth fatbike safely. While they saw Roel welding in the workshop, they asked for their own bicycle. Because we were already developing a new model, we made a prototype of the Breeze fatbike, especially suitable for people from 140 cm. This came out too high because of our own heights. The second prototype was way better and the boys could indulge themselves in the colours Signal Orange, Sky Blue, Vintage Pink and Graphite Black they now cruise for many miles on their Astonic Breeze fatbikes.

The Breeze fatbike, also for adults

Although the Astonic Breeze fatbike was developed with our two boys in mind, during the development process we took into account the adults for whom our Earth models are too tall! The Astonic Breeze is therefore certainly not just a children's bike, adults can also use this model perfectly because the saddle and handlebars can be adjusted exactly to your own height! The Breeze is equipped with the luxury that you are used to from Astonic and these bikes also come complete with mudguards, air suspension fork and fully mounted so that with this Fatbike the only thing you have to do is get on and enjoy!

Astonic Breeze
 € 2.999,-

Thanks to its bright colours, the Astonic Breeze is a real eye-catcher. With its sporty looks and adjustable saddle even more fun and freedom!

Astonic Breeze Special
 € 2.999,-

Are you looking for something special? The Astonic Breeze Special has a bend in the upper frame bar, so getting on it is easier.

Astonic Breeze Sky High
€ 3.599,-

The Astonic Breeze Sky High, with the bend in the upper bar and bigger framesize, the highest comfort ever for taller people!

Earth Extended

Vanaf € 2.780,-

Earth Special

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