E Fatbike Astonic (206)

HANDMADE customization 

Premium E-Ride with beltdrive

The Astonic Breeze Evolution is inspired by the Breeze in terms of frame, but this E-bike has a completely different riding experience. Equipped with a mid-motor in combination with a Gates carbon belt, this model is only made for some of us! The belt drive from a renowned brand in combination with the mid-engine gives me the driving experience. Depending on the thickness of the tires, this E-Ride model offers ultimate comfort and fun in combination with the carbon belt!

Custom made E-Ride

Our previously released models already have many options that can be adapted to your own wishes. Where other brands refer to this as Custom made, this is our "basic" line. With the Breeze Evolution we take the first step towards our "creator" line. These E-rides can be almost completely tailored to your own wishes in terms of engine, drive and brand of parts. You also have a lot of say in terms of the look, do you want a subtle look or do you go for rough?

Breeze Evolution development

  • IHG: For the Breeze Evolution, in addition to belt drive, we opted for an internal geared hub. This means that the 5 gears are located in the rear hub, which has the great advantage that the gears are shielded from dirt and no derailleur protrudes on the E-ride. Shifting gears feels a bit more like riding on a shifting moped and requires some skill, this bike has been developed especially for people who love motorcycles and adventure!
  • Magura brakes: Magura brakes have been on our wish list for a long time, with this we reach a completely different level. Our previously published E-rides are already from a higher segment than our colleagues on the bike market, but with the specs on the Breeze Evolution we have surpassed ourselves. Magura's brakes certainly contribute to this, more stopping power, ultimate feeling, more options and personal settings, together with the mid-motor and belt drive, result in the perfect cycling experience only meant for some of us.
  • Upside down fork: we have installed an inverted front fork on the Breeze Evolution, which results in more stable handling on rough terrain and offers more damping. In addition, there are more adjustment options so that you can adjust the fork to the terrain you are on.
  • Full suspension: The E-Ride is equipped with a suspension seat post and thus has front and rear suspension. Perfect cushioning on any terrain!

These are the options that come standard on the Breeze Evoluition, but do you have other wishes? We will review your wish list with you and realize the perfect creation! Due to the many options on the Breeze Evolution, it cannot be ordered in the shop but can only be assembled on location. During an extensive test drive, we will discuss all your wishes and start putting together your Breeze Evolution. We look at the color choice, and we go through each component from lighting to the length of the brake lever together. Want to test and put together our Breeze Evolution? You are very welcome to visit us in Spijk by appointment. Because we make this E-ride entirely on request, we have a delivery time that depends on your wishes. After choosing the components, you will be informed about the delivery time.

Earth Extended

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Earth Special

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